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Hyperdrive USB C Hub sets you Free from Dongle Mess

Hyperdrive USB C Hub is best known as the fastest Thunderbolt 3 hub designed for MacBook Pro. It provides excellent speed about 50 Gb per second and the most compact design.

Hyperdrive USB C Hub uses two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C connections, unlike the usual connectivity systems. This aspect gives Hyperdrive USB C Hub massive portability.

Furthermore, unlike many 5 GB per second connection devices, Hyperdrive is free from bandwidth and speed limitations and can use all 7 USB ports together. You can concurrently connect USB-C, SD, microSD, HDMI, Thunderbolt 3, and 2 devices in the USB 3.1 port without disturbing Hyperdrive’s fast-charging system.


It provides a power delivery of up to 100W. 13” MacBook Pro users can expect a 61W output while 15” MacBook Pro users can expect an output of 87W. Such services make Hyperdrive the preferred choice over other dongles available electronically or physically.

The portability makes Hyperdrive an amazing travel companion, performing the job of numerous other dongles collectively.

Hyperdrive USB C Hub

All you need to buy is just one Hyperdrive Hub if you own any MacBook Pro. It works with all the devices. Moreover, its portability is improved by the low power consumption embedded in the device.

The device does not drain your MacBook Pro’s battery excessively like other dongle devices. Instead, Hyperdrive Hub is a lasting companion in every situation.

Hyperdrive USB Hub boasts a compact and elegant design that presents it as a natural part of the MacBook Pro system. The appearance and color of the Hyperdrive USB Hub match with MacBook Pro.

Just connect only one Hyperdrive to your MacBook and get the power of multiple dongles.

The material is strong, robust, and durable. It is made from CNC precision milled aluminum. Hyperdrive USB C Hub is available in both Silver and Space Gray colors.

Thus, when you connect Hyperdrive Hub to your MacBook Pro, it appears natural for the device. That way, your systems look elegant in any environment.

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